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Confused by the marketing lingo?


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Shockwave Therapies are

Not Created Equal

The race to profit from a new popular therapy has brought a variety of good and BAD actors into the marketplace offering a myriad of shockwave technology. Hands down RMC offers the most POWERFUL Li-SWT Therapy in North Texas. We are among an elite class of providers, as the only clinic in the Metroplex to offer the Electro-Hydraulic Shockwave Therapy, and that includes the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, the Chicago Cubs, the Mayo Clinic, the Los Angeles Lakers, and many more. 



Treatment Protocols are

Not Created Equal

RMC has integrated the best of both worlds with Li-SWT and Radial Ballistic Shockwave Technologies. Our multiple modalities allow us to offer comprehensive treatment for patients with Erectile Issues, Peyronie’s Disease, Chronic Pain or Inflammation, leading them toward full recovery and healthy living. 



Successful Shockwave Therapy Works in Tandem

Li-SWT is not a panacea. A healthy lifestyle is the best path for success; to that end, we have brought together a highly-qualified team of medical doctors, technicians, natural medicine practitioners and  wellness providers to help identify the root cause of issues with lasting results.


As demand for Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LI-SWT) technology has increased, marketing experts have been divided on what terminology resonates with consumers. Many insisted that "shock wave" would turn off patients, that they would only hear “painful”. With that came a flurry of terms you may have run across in your research -- Acoustic Wave, Linear Piezo, CoreWave, GAINSwave, Soundwaves -- the list goes on! RENEWAL MEDICAL CENTERS believes our sophisticated patients are best served when they are educated and informed. 


At Renewal Medical Centers we combine three different shockwave modalities to treat Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie's Disease and Chronic Pain: Radial, Unfocused and Focused. Radial energy  using Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (Li-SWT) acts on the surface and shallower structures, and  focused and unfocused energy pulse waves penetrate into the deeper tissues.

By using multiple modalities we are able treat both superficial as well as deeper structures, offering the  

most comprehensive and effective approach-- THE GOLD STANDARD --  in treating men's sexual health and performance and chronic pain available in North Texas.


Radial ballistic shockwaves are transmitted through pulses of energy spreading out in a radial manner acting upon the upper layers of the skin, sensory nerve fibers, the surface blood vessels and connective tissues.


The focused therapy generates shockwaves which are directed to a precise depth. The energy can be delivered to a precise point with minimal loss of effectiveness.


The unfocused therapy generates shockwaves which are less focused, targeting wider non-superficial layers offering the deepest penetration  resulting in neovascularization, stem cell mobilization, and  inflammation reduction.