Time to Reboot

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Time to Reboot.

If social distancing has left you feeling like someone pushed the power switch on your sex life, good news, Renewal Medical Centers of North Texas is here to help you reboot.


Low intensity shock wave therapy (Li-SWT) is a series of short, virtually painless treatments using shock waves in regenerative healthcare and wellness. Used primarily in urology, orthopedics and pain management, Li-SWT therapy opens up blood vessels, stimulates nerve endings, and promotes cell regeneration and neovascularization in affected areas, without surgery, downtime, or a painful recovery period.

Renewal Medical Centers of North Texas' uses two state-of-the-art, European-made medical shock wave devices cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US PATENTED for connective tissue repair and improved blood flow.

Our individualized Li-SWT protocols, coupled with an emphasis on preventative care has transformed the way sexual health conditions and chronic pain are treated. Our groundbreaking therapy goes beyond treating symptoms. We address the root issue for long-lasting results.


*Patient eligibility: Certain pre-existing conditions may require additional medical evaluations. Call 469-803-0306 for terms and conditions and to learn more about Li-SWT for ED and pain management. Individual results may vary. Terms and conditions apply to RMC promotions.