ASK DR.K: Things My Father Didn't Tell Me

Updated: Mar 11

Dear Dr. K, I need to have "the talk" with my teenage son. What do I need to tell him?

In today's environment, teenagers are exposed to a lot more information and disinformation about sex than their parents. It's difficult to know where to begin. My parents, and probably most parents of their generation, were uncomfortable talking about any activity that went on "in the bedroom." Lucy and Ricky slept in twins beds for Pete's sakes! But, somehow they managed to have Little Ricky. What guys learned was mostly locker room "knowledge" mixed with images from Playboy and Hustler.

Kids in elementary school now know as much or more about sex than college students a generation ago.

But, you can't assume how much your child knows, so I would recommend starting with the basics. If you get the "Oh, Dad" eyeroll, then you should move beyond the "ABC's" and just ask what they know and whether that information is "off base." Here are a few misconceptions I've overheard.