ASK DR.K: Sounds Good to Me

Updated: Mar 11

Dear Dr. K, Can you explain Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) or Low intensity Shock Wave Therapy (Li-SWT) is a direct descendant of the technology that has been used for over three decades to treat kidney stones without surgery. The machine used for kidney stones delivers pulsed sound waves to the stone. The probe is placed externally and is aimed at the stone using x-ray guidance. The sound wave hits the stone and pulverizes it into fragments that are passed in the urine.

In Li-SWT the energy of the sound wave is reduced substantially since it only needs to penetrate a short depth through soft tissue. The probe is applied externally to the penis and surrounding tissue (except the testicles), specifically targeting the arteries to the penile shaft and base. The sound waves break up any plaque that has formed in the vessels. The fragments of the plaque are carried away from the area in the bloodstream and are excreted from the body. These are miniscule fragments and do not pose a problem of lodging in some other vessel.

A second benefit from Li-SWT is neovascularizati