ASK DR.K: So, What Now?

Updated: Mar 11

You’ve completed your final treatment and now you’re thinking “What can I do to maintain my results?”

First of all, the cells in the treated areas will continue to repair and regenerate for 10 to 12 weeks following the last treatment session. You should see and feel subtle changes during this time. During this time and beyond it is important and beneficial to continue using your vacuum penis pump, at least every other day, but preferably daily. This will help maintain the ability of your blood vessels to dilate and bring in the blood and chemicals necessary for your penis’ ability to become erect. This will also help maintain any changes in length and girth that you have achieved.

Along with the use of the pump, keep using the creams and supplements recommended by RMC during your treatment cycle. Specifically, RMC recommends the use of our branded arginine cream. (Contact us for more details about purchasing this all natural amino acid.) The arginine will work in conjunction with the pump to maintain the distensibility of the blood vessels. The better the blood flow, the better the erection. While the topical cream works directly on the penis, oral supplementation with L-arginine tablets will help the blood vessels throughout your body. This can help with the circulation in the brain, the heart, muscles and internal organs. Usually 1000 to 2000 mgs is a good dose. (You can go higher than this, splitting the doses two to three times a day, but before you do check with your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications to using these higher doses.)

If you were being treated for Peyronie’s disease, it is important to keep using the vitamin E oil, applying it at least two to three times a day to the area where the plaque was treated. If you were recommended to take oral vitamin E, continue with that. (Vitamin E can cause some interference with blood clotting, so before you have any surgery, let the surgeon know you are taking it and ask if the surgeon wants you to stop taking it.)