Over 40% of Partners Want a "Gift of Experience"

Updated: Feb 13



Anti - Aging LED Facial Treatment for Women +

Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatment for Men +

Intimate Massage Session & Tutorial for Two+

*Erotic Guided Meditation+

($1250 value)

*The erotic guided meditation is a pre-recorded, high-quality, audio erotic therapy session led by RMC provider and Master Hypnotist Valerie Grimes. Learn more.)

The Power of Two

At Renewal Medical Centers of North Texas, we believe in the power of intimacy, true togetherness. We also recognize that erectile dysfunction and other common sexual health conditions can create distance between partners in relationships.  Valentine's Day is the day we celebrate love, but at RMC we're celebrating INTIMACY...for the entire month of February!  Check your inbox weekly for Valentine's-inspired tips, tricks and insights, plus special deals and discounts curated to help you and your partner build, strengthen or rediscover the connection and intimacy that you deeply desire.

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