ASK DR.K GIFT BOX REVIEW: Manhood Exfoliators and Horny Goat Weed, Oh my!

Updated: Mar 17

Ronald Kline M.D.

Ron Kline, M.D. (Dr. K) an American College of Surgeons and American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Fellow, is a Cenegenics Institute-certified age management physician. This training, along with decades of dedicated study and treatment of men's sexual health conditions led him to integrate hormone replacement therapy into traditional therapies as he recognized the tremendous impact hormone replacement made on all aspects of the patient’s life, especially sexual health. His interest (and passion) in this area of medicine grew as he saw the results of incorporating proven and emerging treatment methods for enhancing men's sexual performance into his practice. Today, he continues to advance this work as Medical Director at Renewal Medical Centers of North Texas.


For the past year we have been sampling and testing a multitude of products that we thought would be of benefit to not only our patients but also any man who is interested in achieving and maintaining his peak performance levels no matter where he is in life. In our work, we know that sexual vitality is important to men of all ages. We also know that paying proactive attention to performing at peak levels is critical. Building on our mission as advocates of men's health to provide safe, quality, effective alternatives to drugs and surgery, we set out to make proactive performance more simple and convenient and more fun than ever before. We've assembled a box of essentials that combines the two major components of achieving and maintaining optimal performance -- sensory arousal and physiological arousal.

As the Medical Director, and as a patient, I have had the opportunity to try the different creams, salves, scents, supplements and various other products in order to be able to separate the good from the not-so-good. I've broken it all down for you here!

Three Primary Phases of Performance Needs

The Little Black Box of Peak Performance addresses performance needs in three broad categories.

1. Proactive Performance- these are men who are getting started and believe in being at their peak physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. The products in the Peak Performance Box will help you be proactive in dealing with ED and sexually vitality issues before they start.

2. Conceivinghood- this is the group of men who are preparing for parenthood. The Peak Performance Box supports you in this phase by helping to maximize your potency from the inside out. The bonus here: While she's managing menstruation dates, tracking ovulation etc., Dads-to-be are also taking a consciously active role in the journey to pregnancy. It is, after all, a partnership. The Peak Performance Box ensures that is.

3. Performance Maintenance- the men at this phase have lived a little and 1.) are performing well and want to increase their level of satisfaction or simply want to get ahead of age-related changes in performance; 2.) are starting to notice a slight dropoff and need to start restoring some of the lost vitality before it worsens, and 3.) have already started or recently completed medical treatment for erectile dysfunction or Peyronie's Disease and want to proactively extend successful results affordably and conveniently.


The products can be grouped into two broad categories -- Arousal and Therapeutic -- some of the products fall into both categories.


Touch and smell are two important senses that figure prominently in intimacy and arousal. The Cedarwood and Neroli Balsam Candle produces a warm, inviting aroma that suggests a snowed-in mountain cabin where the two of you are cocooned away from the outside world and its distractions.

Horny Goat Weed Soap is an exfoliating soap with the scent of goat weed, which is actually very nice, contrary to what it might sound like. But more importantly, it's been used for centuries to increase libido. The warm, earthy scent has subtle notes of patchouli and cinnamon. I also picked up a hint of tobacco.

Moon Rivers Naturals, the Texas-based maker of this products, describes it as "sexified soap". I don't think I could have said it any better!

If you prefer masculine florals, over earthy, then the Oliver James Manhood Exfoliator is sure to please. It is my favorite in this category! Most exfoliating scrubs are very coarse and too abrasive on the skin “down there.” This exfoliator has a very fine grit and is just enough to help shed the dead skin and leaves your penis feeling smooth, soft and protected. The scent? I’d call it mildly floral, but invigorating, clean and crisp.

Intimacy is not just about sex. Intimacy involves time together, talking, touching, reminiscing, spending time and enjoying each other. It may lead to sex or it may lead to a deepening relationship and understanding of your partners needs and desires. Intimacy Meditations by Valerie Grimes is 3-part series that leads couples into an exploration of their intimacy in all avenues- physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Digital Penis Vaccum Pump USB Rechargeable Device


The box's pièce de résistance is its Digital Penis Vacuum Pump. Used therapeutically, penis pumps dramatically increase blood to the penis causing a real-time erection with a noticeable difference! The constriction and suction action can be adjusted to your comfort-level digitally. Careful. If the pump is used too aggressively it can cause swelling and bruising, so please follow the instruction guide. The pump is accompanied by SLIQUID, which is a high-quality, water based personal lubricant. It is not too thin, nor is it runny so it doesn't dry out quickly or become "sticky". It's also safe for use with condoms.

To double-down on better blood flow, we've added a safe, potent form of Arginine Gel. It's for men and women, and contains the amino acid L-arginine. L-arginine is the chemical precursor to nitric oxide which is the compound that causes the blood vessels to dilate. This one is certainly a fan favorite as it quickly directs blood flow to the area on which it is applied which can trigger engorgement at various levels and that of course leads to enhanced pleasure.

If knowledge is power then get into The Penis Book by Aaron Spitz, M.D., stat! -- essentially, it's the owner’s manual for your penis. Dr. Spitz begins with basics of anatomy and physiology. He then proceeds to the mechanism of your erection and what can go wrong. He discusses the effect of illnesses, medications, drugs, and other life issues that affect your sexuality. His approach is somewhat lighthearted and not overly technical.

Mason’s Male Potency Multivitamin is an oral supplement formulated from naturally occurring plant chemicals and amino acids that work to enhance your testosterone levels and well as help with arousal and erections.

Lastly, The Peak Performance Dopp Kit is a convenient tote to carry your products in for a weekend getaway!

The Peak Performance Box comes in a distinctive gold labeled black box. There are always new products, new discoveries, product changes and discontinuances. We will do our best to keep abreast of these, evaluate and test them, and bring best products to our website. If there are any that you would like to recommend or have us test visit: and let us know!

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