ASK DR.K: The Big Question: Is the Coronavirus Quarantine a Big Setback?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Dear Dr. K

Without treatment, will I lose the gains I've made...

...and what effects will the Coronavirus quarantine have on my treatment thus far for erectile dysfunction?

Many patients are asking this question. The other big question is: What specifically should I do to make sure I don't lose any of the progress I’ve made? In a recent post, we talked about how the electric vacuum pump will help, but let's break it down further! We'll start by tackling the foremost concerns.

  • What will happen without treatments?

  • Will you “backslide” or lose the gains that you have made?

So, here's the good news about how AWT and blood vessels work...

The physical changes in the blood vessels and other tissue of the penis that have occurred from the acoustic wave treatments will be maintained and will continue for several weeks after your treatment. The regeneration of the tissue and new blood vessel growth brought about by the treatments is a continual process. It starts with the treatment and usually continues for 8 to 10 weeks afterward.

What can you do to help this process?

First of all, keep using your pump. At least every other day, but you may use it daily as long as you are not experiencing any discomfort, persistent swelling, bruising or any thing else out of the ordinary. In addition to following the directions we’ve outlined on how to properly use the pump.

Try these tips that can also help get the most from pumping.

  • Consider trimming pubic hair to help create a better seal between the pump and the penis.

  • Wrap the penis in wash towel that has been run under hot water. This will help open up the blood vessels, allowing better bloodflow while the pump is in use. Avoid using very hot water it can cause scalding this sensitive skin.

  • If you have a tube of L-arginine cream, apply some of this prior to using the pump. You can contact the office if you would like to try this cream.

(Our recommended sources of L-arginine cream are currently unavailable. These local pharmacies are either closed due to the corona virus or are restricting themselves to essential medi