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Updated: Jun 26

Provider Partnerships Designed to

Complement Your Care

Renewal Medical Centers is proud to partner with Dr.Tracy Dorsey of Preventive Medical. Specializing in natural medicine, Dr. Dorsey's approach to achieving optimal sexual health is based on establishing total body wellness. Designed to integrate with or enhance a range of RMC programs, the goal is to restore sexual health naturally and cement your sexual health improvements for the long-term. Visit Preventive Medical

L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body. When used as a supplement cream, it can aid the increase of blood flow in the treated area. Testosterone creams applied topically help restore the hormonal balance needed for the production of naturally occurring testosterone. Schedule your telehealth consultation with our provider partner to discover the best option for you.

*Patient eligibility: Certain pre-existing conditions may require additional medical evaluations. Individual results may vary. For terms and conditions call 972-890-8MED (8633).

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To learn more about Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED, Peyronie's Disease and pain management, visit or contact us at 469-803-0306.

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