3 Low-key Gestures That Scream, "I Love You."

Turn off your phone. If you're the type who is always looking at your phone even when your significant other is speaking to you consider going a full day (or at least 8 hours) completely detached from your device and completely focused on the one you love. The gift of your undivided attention speaks volumes.

Serve others...together. For a date night, plan to do something altruistic together. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit a children’s hospital, play with rescued puppies, or sign-up for a community clean-up effort. Romance is rooted in kindness. The goodness inside each of you is even better when you're working together.

Deliver a kiss. Drive to their job or any place where you can show up and surprise them without being creepy because you're not actually going to tell them you're on your way, When you each other, walk over and give them a really amazing kiss. Don't rush it. Say you've been missing them today and that you look forward to seeing them later on. Say goodbye and leave. Just look that you've shown your partner the space they hold in your heart every day.

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