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  • Viagra, Cialis and Levitra had total revenues of 8 Billion Dollars in 2012 for their respective companies, despite the fact that these medications only help half of all men and can have very unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.

  • Many men with mild ED or even some with no ED symptoms at all take these medications simply as supplements to ensure strong sexual performance.

  • Men with severe ED are candidates for micro-penile injections comprised of three or four vasodilators, which can have equal, and possibly more severe side effects than oral ED medications.

  • Thankfully, there is a much more effective ED treatment. The Low-intensity Shock Wave Therapy (Li-SWT) Protocol uses electromagnetic pulse waves to open existing blood vessels, grow new blood vessels and stimulate stem cells to grow new erectile tissue (Corpus Cavernosum) in the penis.

  • Depending on a man’s overall health and preexisting conditions, this noninvasive treatment option could greatly alter the ED treatment landscape.

  • Li-SWT works to roll back the clock for most men, allowing men ages up to 80, even 90, to perform as they did in their more virile years. 

  • Independent published research papers have proven the safety and efficacy of Li-SWT, with 86% of men saying they would recommend Li-SWT to a friend.


  • Peyronie’s Disease is caused by the way a person’s body heals wounds. Injury or damage to the outer tissues of the penis causes scar-like tissue (plaque) to form.

  • These plaques are different from the kind that builds up in heart disease. Peyronie’s plaques are mostly made up of collagen.

  • Plaques can cause the penis to change shape. The penis may curve, indent (forming an hour glass shape) or become shorter.

  • In some cases, Peyronie's Disease can be painful. or make it difficult to have intercourse.

  • There are two stages of Peyronie's Disease: Acute (Active) Phase and Chronic Phase.


  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) occurs when  man reaches orgasm and ejaculates either during foreplay or within one minute of penetration.

  • PE affects anywhere from 30 to 40% of men sometime during their lifetime. It maybe a lifelong issue or one that is more sporadic in nature. There is no definitive underlying cause of PE.

  • Most treatment for PE has been unsatisfactory. Antidepressants can delay ejaculation but have unpleasant side effects. Topical anesthetics to numb the penis can also cause numbing of the vagina and clitoris.

  • Low-intensity Shock Wave Therapy (Li-SWT) offers a new and innovative modality for the treatment of PE. Renewal Medical Centers has developed a customized protocol using Li-ESWT to provide a therapeutic approach for the treatment of PE.

  • Our innovative approach allows men to gain better control over the timing of their ejaculation and have a more fulfilling sex life for both themselves and their partners.

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