Renewal Medical Center and our corporate partners know the value of wellness initiatives.
From annual team-building activities to monthly departmental incentives, our turnkey, programs scale to meet the needs of medium to large teams or tailored for individual employees. We put your organizational goals within reach. 
Corporate Health and Wellness Events
Team Building
Balanced Life Employee Perks​
​On-site Health Screenings

Renewal Corporate Wellness Programs

Turnkey. Flexible. Engaging.  

In-House Wellness Fair

Biometric Screening, Body Scans and Wellness Coaching at your office or location convenient for your team. 

Renewal Wellness Circuit

Using a variety of wellness technologies built to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, boost energy, enhance sleep and alleviate pain, we provide a customized regimen designed to help you relax, restore and recover. 

Rejuvenation Lounge

Compression Massage Chair and Zero Gravity Chair Napping Stations for instant stress relief. 

Relaxation and Renewal Mini Spa Day

Look great, feel great. Restoration on-the-go through massage, esthetics and skincare, reflexology, body wraps, and more. 

Wellness Team-Building Challenge

Incentivized, team-based activities designed around wellness and EE engagement initiatives. Programs may be aimed at achieving weight loss goals or developing lifelong fitness habits and may include  group workouts, nutritional planning classes and awards.


Guided Meditation 

Instructor-led group meditation sessions that help guide participants to a state of relaxed concentration. Stress relief and mental restoration is the goal. 


Lunch and Learn 

RMC provides a healthy lunch as well as a concise,  informative presentation to equip teams with practical tools for living well. We customize topics such as:

Stress-Busters: Simple Actions to relieve stress and calm anxiety

Nutritious Living: Healthy Food Choices on the Go

Let’s Talk About Sex: Peak Sexual Wellness at any Age

Monthly Health and Wellness Book Club

sample corporate wellness program option


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