Non-Invasive, Restorative Treatment for Total Body and Sexual Wellness

Bladder Incontinence 

Chronic Disease Management

Impotence/ Erectile Dysfunction

Injury & Rehabilitation

Myofascial Release

Pain & Stress Management

Painful Intercourse

Nutrition & Exercise Planning

Peyronie's Disease

Restorative Coaching & Counseling

Sports Recovery

Weight Management



“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” 

 Thomas Edison

A Word From Our Team

For over a century, traditional and non-traditional medical practitioners alike have  modeled their care based on the foresight and the wisdom of Thomas Edison. This holds true at Renewal Medical Centers.  Our philosophy is that no individual can be his healthiest self without taking care of his “whole body.” For us, this belief guides our day-to-day treatment practices. It shapes the way we approach every one of our patient interactions. From the outset of our men's sexual health practice, we recognized the inherent need to address the root causes of our patients’ erectile issues. We recognized that simply treating the symptoms was a short-term solution. A true sense of renewal happens when the whole body is well.  Alas…No pills…No needles….No surgery.

So, we treat the penis using the non-invasive acoustic wave therapy, plus the inner body through our diet, fitness and chronic disease management programs. Our patients’ mental well-being  is never overlooked. Life coaching and counseling and a unique partnership with master hypnotherapists provide a full range of whole body care for our patients.

The Renewal Wellness & Recovery Corner is an organic outgrowth of this treatment standard.  We recognized the boundless benefits of using our one-of-a-kind sexual wellness model across the spectrum of health and wellness problems.

RWRC encompasses the myriad of state-of-the-art wellness and recovery tools that complement our acoustic wave therapy technology all while providing a safe, non-invasive solutions to total healing and recovery. In addition to our expanded menu of wellness services, we invite you to experience our in-house self-guided wellness circuit specifically designed for your journey to renewal. We are grateful for this opportunity to support you.

With the Sincerest Regards,

THE Renewal Medical Centers Team

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